Welcome to the Finnish Japanese Society (SJY)

The Society is an active organizer of Japan related events in Finland. The Society was founded on May 8th, 1935 in Helsinki, Finland.

The Society organizes Japan related

  • concerts and other arts events
  • lectures
  • cooking classes
  • travel events
  • theme events
  • festivals
  • parties
  • excursions
  • japanese discussion groups

The annual membership fee is 25 euros for individual members. Some of the Society’s events are open to members only. Members have an advance booking privilege and a membership discount and receive annually four membership magazines.

Please follow us in Facebook at www.facebook.com/suomalaisjapanilainenyhdistys

Please contact sihteeri(at)suomi-japani.net or japan.contact(at)suomi-japani.net.